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Gig Diary Panic

With a new year comes a whole new roster of gigs that you will not miss out on. And to help you keep track of your year in gigs, we've created the OFFICIAL PopBuzz Gig Diary 2016. 

Simply Right Click + Save As, print the pages and keep track of all your musical shenanigans this year. Bonus points if you share them with us on Facebook or tag us on Twitter and Instagram @popbuzz.

1. Asking the important questions. 

Gig Diary Panic

2. You know this one will be FIRE. 


3. Precious cinnamon roll. 

Melanie Gig Diary

4. The queen shall slay us all in 2016. 

Rihanna Gig Diary

5. Woah oh wooah wooah oh whoa woah oh woooooah. 

Fall Out Boy Gig Diary

6. For when you can't even handle the feels.  

popbuzz Trophy

7. What's Rule No.1 again? 

Marina Gig Diary


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