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Gerard Way Twitter King

Big things are happening in the MCR fandom today. Solo Cinnamon Roll Gerard Way has announced that he's working on new music and, hence, is going on that age-old standby - the social media hiatus. Basically, Gerard announced he was quitting Twitter - sort of. It was all very vague and confusing. We were sad.

Yay, new music! But wait, does this mean...

Fair enough G-Wizzle, you do you.

Ok, let's not make rash decisions here!

And with that, he was off. We were distraught.

Gerard has tweeted a few things since, but his account will now be dedicated mostly to news and updates, for the foreseeable future.

So to help you (and ourselves) through this difficult transition, we've made a roundup of his best Twitter moments to date. Let these keep you warm at night.

1. When he was all about acceptance.

2. When he cared about your mental health so much, he made you a calming colouring page.

3. When he went on a mini tangent about everyone's pet peeve.


4. If you say so, Gerard...

5. Saaaame.

6. When he was really into squirrels... ???

7. Because squirrels.

8. I don't... is that... a good thing?

9. When he taught us all about success.

10. And finally, when he bestowed these precious life lessons upon us.




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