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Craig David is back! The garage and R'n'B legend dropped new banger 'When The Bassline Drops' this week and we cannot stop playing it, getting all nostalgic for the early 00s.

What's that? Who's Craig David?

Let me fill you in...

Craig's debut album 'Born To Do It' came out back in 2000 when he was just 19, the original R'n'B teen superstar, selling 7m copies worldwide and producing singles like '7 Days', 'Walking Away' and 'Fill Me In'



Four more albums followed, the last one in 2010 before he disappeared from the mainstream, chilling out in Miami and rightfully enjoying his well-deserved success.

But 'Born To Do It' was so influential that his sound can be heard all over today's music, particularly in Bieber's new album, Craig even remixing 'Where Are You Now?' a few months back. He even played it live with Major Lazer in London. 

Even Zayn loves him.



And Aziz



Yep, Craig David is the new/old Justin Bieber, especially now news is out about Craig's new album, 'Following My Intuition', coming next year, with production work from Diplo, Chase and Status and Goldlink.

Listen to 'When The Baseline Drops' below.



Wanna listen again then just...Re-e-wind


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