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Camila Cabello Chipped Tooth

Fifth Harmony have been slaying on their 7/27 World Tour ever since it began in July. The girls reached Atlanta earlier this week and the show looked as LIT as it did on the very first night. 

While Camila was in the middle of another one of her iconic vocal breakdowns, a fan from the audience threw a plastic ball back toward the girls on stage. It hit Camila's microphone and then the microphone smacked her in the mouth.

Of course, someone managed to catch the whole thing on Snapchat and graciously uploaded it to YouTube. 


Apart from being a bit taken aback by the big pink ball that just smacked her in the face, Camilla carried on with the show like nothing happened. 

It wasn't until she took to Twitter afterward did we learn of her dental misfortune. 


Surprisingly, she didn't take it too badly and posted the evidence to Snapchat soon after! (Sidenote: We would be FUMING if someone managed to chip our tooth!)


She had all but got over the tooth mishap when she settled down to watch Titanic... until the harsh reality of the chip brought her crashing back to earth.


And she's still low-key shook about it too.


Daaaaamn Camila!



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