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5sos 21 under 21

Billboard have unveiled their annual "21 under 21" music list and there are a few surprises in the final results!

Last year's winners 5SOS have fallen to number 7, replaced at the top spot by everyone's favourite girl group Fifth Harmony, moving up from their number 2 position last year.


The girls have had their most successful year to date with the release of album 7/27 and the unstoppable single "Work From Home" sending them to airport-ambush levels of superstardom. And with an average age of just 20.2 (they range from 19 up to 23), they could be potentially be topping this list again next year too.

Other notable PopBuzz faves featured on the list include Alessia Cara at number 6, Lorde at number 8, Hailee Steinfeld at number 9 and Zendaya rounding out the top half of the list at number 10.


Which is great and everything but it does make us feel super old/very unproductive for our age. Hbu?

Check out the full list of musicians over at Billboard here.


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