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YouTube user "8 Bit Universe" has long been taking all your favourite pop hits and making them into 1980s Nintendo-style works of excellence. 

Recently they turned their attention to Panic! at the Disco. And the results are worthy of the Mario Kart Gold Cup!

Here's the 8-Bit "Emperor's New Clothes":

You can just picture Mario treading through an evil castle to this.

And here's the take on "LA Devotee":

Star Power!

And of course "Victorious" lives up to its title.

In fact all your pop punk faves are here. 

Check out this FOB banger:

When the chorus drops, it's like being hit by a blue shell!


Even MCR get the SNES treatment:

Surprisingly cheery.

And the pop numbers are pretty incredible too!

Bieber has never sounded more tropical.

Here's one to stop you getting "Stressed Out":

But best of all is Craig "the power" David.

Incredible scenes.

Check out all the 8-Bit remixes here.

Bravo 8 Bit Universe. We're KO'd. You Win!


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