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If you need some guidance on how to live your best life in 2016, take some inspiration from this year's hottest tracks. Print them, pin them, add them to ya vision boards... We've got you covered.

Resolution 1: Make No Apologies. Aim for a little less Bieber and a little more Nicki. 2016 is yours.

NYR - Truffle Butter 

Resolution 2: In 2015, Taylor taught us about the importance of gal pals - make this your squad's mantra in 2016. #OvariesBeforeBrovaries!

NYR - New Romantics

Resolution 3: Just live your best life against all odds, you'll be "Victorious" in no time!

NYR - Victorious

Resolution 4: STOP SWEARING!

NYR - Soap

Resolution 5: Give the gym a chance... it might surprise you!

NYR - Feel My Face

Resolution 6: Take some dance classes!

NYR - Whip

Resolution 7: Learn how to cook!

NYR - Trap Queen

Resolution 8: Take what's rightfully yours, and give NOTHING back!


Resolution 9: Change your entire aesthetic, especially after Drake has left your city.

NYR  - Hotline Bling

Resolution 10: Stop texting and start answering your phone, you never know where the path might lead you.

NYR - Hello


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