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In a recent interview, singer-songwriter James Blunt admitted that his record label asked him to stop Tweeting. 

What, you thought he'd vanished? Join the club.


In fact, you've been missing out. In the past year, James has developed Twitter notoriety for his sassy attitude towards haters, fans, and even himself.

He admits: "My record label set up the account and asked me to answer people, so I did. Then they phoned me up and asked me to stop."

Personally, we think his label are mad. James' online presence, in comparison to a lot of other fluffy celeb Twitters who are afraid to offend, is a unique insight into how divided people can be over one person.

Here's ten of our favourite reasons why James' Twitter should never go out of business:

1) His sense of humour is, pardon the pun, blunt.


2) But he still knows how to be subtly hilarious.


3) Although, he spends an odd amount of time searching his name just to single out the mean things...


4) ...but often, he can take it on the chin for the sake of making an excellent joke.


5) Or spinning it into some promo.


6) He provides an honest insight into some of the more tiring parts of fame.


7) And not even fellow celebrities are safe from his snark.


8) He'll even make jokes at his own expense, if people are being too nice that day.


9) Sometimes, he can even be... encouraging?


10) And he's completely willing to drop pretence and call someone out when things get too real.


Keep on Tweeting on, James. We applaud you.


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