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Friday never looked and sounded so good. As usual, we're rounding up the best new music from the week for your consideration. You don't even have to pay us for it. 


Vic Mensa ft. Kanye West//U Mad

Vic Mensa is officially on our radar. This is the first Kanye joint that the Chicago newcomer actually owns and we're proud. It's sinister, dark, and trap adjacent so we're feeling it.

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Ratatat//Cream On Chrome

Ratatat's newest joint came right on time. "Cream On Chrome" is one for the summer time barbecue playlist. If you feed off an efficient bass and major warm weather vibes then you're going to love this one.


Jaden Smith//Offering

We talked about the Smith kids earlier this week but, in case you missed that, "Offerings" is such a winner. Jaden's flow is insane. He raps over smooth jazz and basically slays people twice his age.

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BURHOU//Please Delete

Burhou are brand new so when you're the first to know who they are make sure to say that Popbuzz sent you. No doubt these guys have big things coming their way. The composition of this track is immaculate and everything about it just points to it being an absolute gem of a song.


Strange Babes// Holiday

Speaking of Summer vibes…Strange Babes have the cure to the post-winter blahs. Bright, sunny, and catchy, "Holiday" is California personified. "Holiday" is absolutely addictive and a great effort for the LA/Auckland based band.


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