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Hodor Vs. Groot Rap Battle

It's one of the biggest questions of our generation; what if Game Of Thrones/A Song Of Ice And Fire's unsung hero Hodor met for a war of words with Guardians Of The Galaxy's Groot?

WONDER NO LONGER, as the folks at The Warp Zone have envisioned the scenario in the best way possible: a rap battle.

(We've got some conflicting thoughts about Groot's Rocket Raccoon hype-woman).

The battle goes pretty much exactly as you'd expect, but it's not like Hodor and Groot's limited combined vocabulary is devoid of meaning; if you replay the video with YouTube's closed captioning switched on, the subtitles show a SAVAGE display of word-slinging from both sides.

A great promo for CC'd videos, or a sneaky ploy to get people to watch the video twice? You decide. Check out the epic rap battle below.


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