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Ed Sheeran is no stranger to a chart topping single. He's had a few of his own which might actually make him qualified to speak on which song will completely dominate the airwaves during the warm season. 

In an interview with Vulture, Ed Sheeran called out Walk The Earth as the band with the power to dominate summer airwaves. 

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon. I'm just hearing that everywhere. It just makes everyone happy whenever they hear it. I really like that song.

Ed Sheeran

Last summer Ed Sheeran burned up Summer charts with his hugely popular anthem "Don't". This summer Ed is sure "Shut Up And Dance" is going to be a big winner. 

Funnily enough, Ed is also a Fetty Wap fan. He's such a fan that he covered the New Jersey rapper's most famous song. So, the song of the summer might be "Shut Up And Dance" or it might be "Trap Queen". Just saying. 



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