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Modest Mouse have been more than generous as of late with their new music. Having indulged in an eight year cooling off period between albums, the trio are throwing new music at us left and right.

Despite only announcing Strangers to Ourselves in mid-December, Modest Mouse have already given us two singles and a music video to sink our teeth into. The band have now announced a third single ahead of their March 3, 2015 release date.

"The Best Room" is reminiscent of an older Modest Mouse; lowkey but powerfully written, they combine an accessible sound with their quirky brand of alt pop.

Modest Mouse teased their new single on Instagram over the weekend before dropping the song on youtube yesterday.


A photo posted by Modest Mouse (@modestmouse) onJan 30, 2015 at 7:32pm PST

Hear "The Best Room" below 


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