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In the never ending saga of Naughty Boy, One Direction, Zayn, Directioners and everyone, there's some more drama to add to the fold. 

It seems that Zayn isn't too happy about an apparent new video that has surfaced online of his cover of Rae Sremmurd's "No Type". 

Taking to Twitter, the 20-year-old former-One Direction member took a swipe at producer Naughty Boy. Take a peek at the tweets below:

Tweets from Zayn to Naughty Boy.


The move comes after Naughty Boy tweeted and re-tweeted some pretty cryptic stuff over the weekend.

Picture of Naughty Boy Tweets


Maybe Zayn has been hacked? Maybe him and Naughty Boy have completely fallen out? Maybe they're just trolling us all *grabs popcorn*.



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