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Harry Styles Reaction Picture

When the cover art for Drag Me Down landed, we were kind of in awe. Was it the moment Louis realised he's in deep trouble? Why was Niall so pleased with himself? And WTF is going on with Harry's hair?

He's long been the Mick Jagger of 1D and his locks are his signature but since Zayn up and left, Harry has raised his game even more.

One Direction - Drag Me Down


Just look at it. It's full on bridesmaid quality hair. It's shiny, bouncy and perfectly formed. 

So we've scoured the Interwebs and found you the best ringlet tutorials out there for ultimate #HarryHairStyles. 

The No Heat Harry Hair Style


The Soft Harry Hair Style


The Kinky Harry Hair Style


The Harry Hair Style For Dolls


The Harry Hair Style For My Little Pony

Happy Stylin'


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