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Hodor DJing

He might only have one recurring line in Game Of Thrones, but Kristian "Hodor" Nairn is actually a man of many talents: especially on the mixing deck.

Kristian is pretty notorious for his DJ career (his "Rave Of Thrones" event is particularly noteworthy); but until now, his original material has taken a backseat. But at last, Hodor has something else to share: His debut single "Up / Beacon" (with Leanne Robinson on vocals) has been released online. And it's a banger.

There's no way we can describe our feelings for it in words, so let's sum it up in Game Of Thrones GIFs:


1) When the beat kicks off and you're ready to jam:


2) When the piano gives you summer club vibes:



3) When you can't help but join in with the claps:


4) When the lyrics make you want to dance with someone:


5) But you're fine with just dancing alone because it's a jam:



6) When it's over just as you're really getting into it:


7) And when you remember that this track was made by FREAKIN' HODOR:

"Up / Beacon" is available across most music platforms, including iTunes; all the links are on Kristian Nairn's Soundcloud.


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