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Armin Van Buuren Ultra Music Festival 4

Sad news: there's only one episode left of this season's Game Of Thrones. Yes, it always seems to return to us and disappear as quickly as it came (and yet there's still no sign of winter).

But if you're going to miss the series terribly in its absence, and are also looking for a summer jam, then let Armen van Buuren kill two characters with one stone for you. The trance icon has released his official remix of the epic (and long) theme song on his Soundcloud.

Van Buuren premiered the track at Ultra Music Festival, and has been playing it as a part of his regular set; but this is the first time it has debuted online. A self-confessed "big fan" of Game Of Thrones, Armen admits to being "honoured" to remix the theme.



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