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Kevin Spacey/Charlie Cox - Netflix Originals

Presidents hanging out with superheroes. Our only weakness.

In the first episode of their new YouTube series Netflix: The Originals, Netflix paired up the leading men of two of their original series to have a two-way interview. Kevin Spacey, who plays ruthless President Frank Underwood in House Of Cards, had a sit down with Charlie Cox, aka blind attorney and super-powered vigilante Matt Murdock in new Marvel series Daredevil, and they had a chat about villains, stylistic production choices, and Frank Underwood's secret superpower (Spacey's answer is surprisingly adorable).

Just throw Taystee from Orange Is The New Black into this mix and we'd be completely satisfied.


Check out the interview below.

All three seasons of House Of Cards as well as the debut season of Daredevil are available to stream on Netflix now. Make it your weekend plan.

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