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Fall Out Boy and Steve Aoki - Back To Earth

While plenty of pop-punk fans are violently resisting Fall Out Boy's dabble in the EDM world, the rest of us are jamming out to their latest collaboration with mix master Steve Aoki. And finally, "Back To Earth" has been given an epic video to match its intensity.


It's got this opening shot of PATRIIIIICK (The fedora's the giveaway):


It's got a badass lady fighting masked villains while giving us major #aesthetic goals:


It's got Steve Aoki being some kind of future cyber-wizard:


Also lol casual product placement:


It's got Steve and the band jamming out together like YAAASSS:


(Especially Andy being like "Everyone knows this beat is digital why am I even here"):


We won't waste any more of your time, because you need to see this video NOW. Check it out below.



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