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This year, whilst you were wasting all your time on Netflix watching all kinds of psychopathic Kevin Spacey-related presidential dramas, other people - better people, you could say - were making rap-themed embroideries for their Etsy shops.

So for your sole benefit, we've rounded up our favourite 11 artworks of 2014, with special commendation going to portraitofsirens for managing to incorporate rap lyric, embroidery and a dinosaur into one awe-inspiring piece.

Embroidery rap

1. "Thug Life" by ninasaronne.

Embroidery rap

2. "Yeah" Lil Jon by ninasaronne.

Embroidery rap

3. "Oh My God, Becky" by leaveyouinstitches.

Rap Embroidery

4. "Hiphopopotamus" - purplehippostitches.

FOTC rap embroidery

5. Salt 'N' Pepa - Stitchininrichmond

Embroidery rap

6. "I Like Big Books" - theleftovers.

Embroidery rap

7. "Haters Gonna Hate" - the leftovers.

Embroidery rap

Sorry, but we had to include this.


8. "Stitch Ain't One" - JosieMakes

Embroidery rap

9. "Riding Dirty" - purplestitches

Embroidery rap

10. "Everyday I'm Hustling" - purplestitches

Rap Embroidery

11. "It Feels Good To Be A Gangster" - Allisonmakesthings

Etsy Embroidery



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