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Taylor Swift Domino Tribute

There are a multitude of ways to tribute your favourite artist - fan art, covering their songs, or Tweeting them 10,000 times a day. But if you have a lot of patience, time, and maybe a few thousand dominoes, you might be able to get on this person's level.

Domino enthusiast "petmagnetetal" recently posted this long, epic tribute to the career of Taylor Swift on their YouTube channel. The stretch of thousands of falling dominoes references the eras of Tay's seven albums and each of their biggest singles. 

Apparently the domino chain and video took a straight week to create, and it's actually incredibly hypnotising to watch.

 The video has been sitting quietly on petmagnetetal's channel for a couple of weeks, until Tay herself actually discovered it:

That's GOT to make the week of work totally worth it!


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