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CHVRCHES//Rock Band 4

We love it when artists cover each other on PopBuzz, but rarely do we get to see three of our favourite things combined: female-fronted bands, pop punk, and video games.

With Rock Band 4 debuting on Xbox One and PS4 in October, Scottish electronic trio CHVRCHΞS stopped by the Mad Catz booth at GamesCom this weekend to give the upcoming game a spin. Their song of choice? Paramore track "Ignorance", available in RB4's extensive song library. 

Playing live on Twitch, the band recruited a member of the audience to drum, with Ian and Martin taking up the guitars and frontlady Lauren Mayberry doing her best Hayley Williams impression on the vocals. And after a shaky start of figuring out the controllers, they frickin' NAIL IT.

Maybe their stint on Rock Band 4 will inspire more CHVRCHΞS/Paramore covers in the future? Don't tell us you wouldn't want that...


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