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A still from Wang Rong Rollin's 'Chick Chick'

Ever wondered what might happen if you combined 'Gangnam Style', 'What Does the Fox Say' and 'All About That Bass' into one insane video?

Turns out you wouldn't open a portal to Hell itself, but you might get this thing. 

'Chick Chick' by Chinese artist Wang Rong Rollin is probably about to be the new earworm you'll love to hate.

And unlike viral predecessor 'Gangnam Style', you won't have to pretend to know the lyrics despite them being in another language - almost the entire song is just imitating chicken noises.

Released October 22nd, the song already has nearly 6.5 million views - and its Like/Dislike ratio is off the charts.

Listen to it. We're not sorry for getting it stuck in your head.



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