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Bad Blood Cover

Just in case you hadn't grown tired of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" and its many iterations, youtubers, PostmodernJukebox have just turned one of the most popular songs of the year into a ragtime dream. 

PostmodernJukebox are well known for covering tracks and adding a little bit of old school charm to them. They've gained loads of attention for popular covers of Kanye West, Hozier, and others.

Talented vocalist and trombonist Aubrey Logan re-arranged the song with the guys of PostmodernJukebox to the point where it is almost unrecognisable. It is only in the chorus where the re-imagining sounds truly like the "Bad Blood" we all know and love. Their ability to take the song and completely turn it on its head has us stunned.

Hear the amazing ragtime cover of "Bad Blood" below.


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