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Popstars as emojis

We spend a lot of time trawling through Tumblr (we mean, who doesn't, right?!). On our travels we've unearthed some properly amazing memes and some brilliant artwork. 

One such Tumblr we've just unearthed is Music Emojis by artist and designer Bruno Leo Ribeiro and we have to say we're kinda low-key obsessed with them right now. 

We mean, look at them! 

Credit: Leo Ribeiro

Like seriously, how good is this one of Pharrell?

Credit: Leo Ribeiro

Or Madonna through the ages.

Credit: Leo Ribeiro

We pretty much need this Rage Against The Machine one on our phones asap.

Credit: Leo Ribeiro

Ok, this David Bowie one is TOO cute.

Credit: Leo Ribeiro

This Gaga one! *starts petition to the creator of all emojis asking for these to become legit*

Credit: Leo Ribeiro

Seriously, we SO in love with Bruno Leo Ribeiro and his popstar emojis. You can see all his emojis here and read more about the project on Medium.


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