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Taylor Swift takes her cat out in New York

Abigail Breslin, aka Little Miss Sunshine with a very deep sass streak, maybe called out Taylor Swift with a weirdly specific lyric reference.

Abigail is, of course, the author of what was likely the most cringe musical moment of 2014.

First there was the "Blank Space" reference.

Then there was the not-so-"swift" apology 12 hours later. 

Many aren’t buying the clarification, however, as Taylor Swift is a well known Cat Lady, whose love of the feline persuasion is well documented. 

People are also not buying the innocence of the tweet considering Michael from 5SOS, who Abigail’s song "You Suck" is apparently about, has been doing some tweet flirting with Taylor.


So basically, what we're saying is that maybe Abigail's tweet wasn't a diss, but it probably was.

Nice try, Abigail. You sly little thing.


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