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The Japanese House Face Like Thunder
Eddie Murphy Barking

Sometimes you're just watching a movie like the chill person you are, and then someone in it starts barking. Whether the character has lost their mind, or they're a part of some cool Wolf Pack, or whatever the reason; barking starts happening. And your chill is lost.

If this sounds relatable, then you're probably here for this supercut from YouTube's Wiseguy Pictures, who threw together as many instances of human beings barking in movies and TV as he could muster. Sandra Bullock howling in Gravity, the lads behind bars in Twin Peaks, that queen from Coming To America who can do different breeds of dog; it's got them all in here. Catered especially for your weird, weird entertainment. 

So enough from us. We know what you came here for, you beautiful disaster. Enjoy your barking.

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